At EKAL, we seek to create new dining experiences, and we partner with the most famous international restaurants to bring them closer to you. We are expanding to have our presence in all regions of the Kingdom. We at EKAL are reinventing the concept of gastronomic experiences


Our vision is to lead the hospitality industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing superior high food quality, service, and value in attractive surroundings. We seek to combine a scientific outlook on hospitality management with a commitment to innovation, teamwork, and customer-driven excellence while providing our employees and business partners opportunities for development and growth


Ekal's brands represent a collection of diverse concepts bound together by a shared commitment to providing guests with memorable dining experiences driven by the belief that the legacy and inspiration of founders can always be the force behind more creative business ideas and development. The company's passion for providing the best food and service must always be translated into a business environment rich in opportunities for employees and the best results for stakeholders


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